This is my first OFFICIAL post since joining the Tuesday’s with Dorie blogging event. For those of you who don’t know, every Tuesday the group bakes/makes a recipe from the great baking book called Baking: From My Home To Yours .

This week’s selection involves a recent obsession of mine . . . ICE CREAM. I have never really been motivated to make my own ice cream until this year. I have always been satisfied with whatever Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Daaz put out. But, like with all things culinary I started to think about different flavor combinations and saw a ton of recipes popping up in Cooking Light and other locations. I have also read along with Cookie Baker Lynn and all of her ice cream adventures with David Lebovitz’s book the Perfect Scoop. So when I was at Costco I noticed a very beautiful ice cream maker from Cuisinart for only $50. I came home immediately and started researching ice cream makers (even if it was only $50 if it was not a good maker, it wasn’t worth the money). But it received great reviews, so I returned later that week and purchased my new toy. I also went out and got a couple of books including Lebovitz’s and immediately set to work mastering ice cream.

The first batch took a couple of days to come together, getting the rhythm for cooking and chilling the custard and the ice cream maker bowl. But the next day I made up several different custards and made a different batch every day that week. This left me with a very full freezer, luckily my co-workers happily enjoyed a little impromptu ice cream party and my freezer returned to manageable size. So I was thrilled with the idea of making ice cream this week for TWD. However, I was a little less than excited about the ingredients. Blueberries are just not my favorite! I enjoy them in the occassional bread or muffin, but the idea of eating pure blueberry ice cream just did not appeal to me!

Boy was I wrong! This is delicious, the sour cream really balances out the berries which I think are a little too sweet for my palate. I think I have always had them in pancakes, pies or compotes and they were too sweet. Also they always tasted a little metallic to me, which leads me to believe people were cooking them in reactive cookware.

So, Dorie, I am a blueberry convert! Thanks for the reminder, that it is not necessarily the ingredient but the preparation that can make or break an ingredient!

For the rest of you go buy the book, an ice cream maker and make this . . . . you will be a very happy person!