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Chocolate Chunkers

Chocolate Chunkers

Hello Friends, I am back! What a crazy couple of weeks between work and home I have been up at dawn and on the go until I collapse at night! But I am back this week with another delicious Tuesdays with Dorie post selected by Claudia of Fool for Food. This recipe when mixing looked like a very thin brownie batter. But once I mixed in white chocolate chunks, mini semi-sweet chips, milk chocolate chips, chopped pecans and dried cherries. I am bored with raisins these days, so I have collected an interesting assortment of dried fruits including cherry, cranberries, blueberries, apricots and raspberries from Trader Joes and have been using all of them as a substitute. The cherries where very plump and provided a nice contrast to the very chocolatey “cookie”. I am glad I mixed the chocolates! The batter was very dark, thanks to some Valhrona cocoa powder I picked up (at a high cost) at Whole Foods. The mixture of the bittersweet, milk, white and semi-sweet was very nicely balanced.

I packaged some up for my son’s school counselor, who has been a great resource with the start of school this year! It is so rare when a middle school counselor, who is responsible for 200 – 400 students, takes time to be proactive with a student’s needs. This definitely is fitting for a batch of these little chocolate goodies!

Happy Tuesday!


After many days of trying to figure out my home networking issues . . . I’m back!!! I will be catching up tomorrow with posts . . .!!

Thanks for your understanding!