Well the thing I am thankful for this year besides the usual family, friends, health and employment is to have this next week off! It has been a busy fall (I can’t believe I have to order holiday cards and start buying gifts) and I need some time to catch up at home and prepare for the holiday season! Also to prepare for surviving the holiday season . . . it is hard to accomplish everything and still get the day to day stuff like getting dinner on the table! So I am going to use this week to get ahead to ensure that I am still able to provide homemade healthy meals everyday. Also being home means lunches and more elaborate breakfasts.

This Week’s Menu

Brunch: Breakfast Puffs, eggs, bacon
Dinner: Steak Diane, risotto and broccoli

Thanksgiving Prep: shopping, make ganache

Breakfast: Leftover puffs
Lunch: Grilled Cheese, Spicy Tomato Soup
Dinner: Smoky Marinara Butternut Squash Lasagna ( I add turkey italian sausage and puree the butternut squash), caesar salad
Making 2 small (8×8 pan size) versions of this and freezing 1!

Thanksgiving Prep: Dip and mold truffles

Breakfast: Toast, Cereal
Lunch: Leftover soup and salami sandwiches
Dinner: Meatloaf Muffins, smashed potatoes, green beans

Thanksgiving Prep: make tart dough, sun dried tomato pesto palmiers and freeze

Breakfast: English muffin breakfast sandwiches
Lunch: Leftovers/sandwiches
Dinner: Leftovers
Thanksgiving Prep: Pumpkin Cake for the roulade, and make filling, make tart (evening so it is chilled but delicious for the next day), parker house roll dough, cheese stuff for celery, wash and prep celery

Turkey Day!!! We generally eat around 3pm, for breakfast I will be making abelskivers (a danish pancake puff) this is our traditional holiday fare!

Finish Thanksgiving Prep: Fill roulade, bake off one tray of rolls, prepare stuffed mushrooms, bake palmiers. I don’t stuff the celery till I get there, it is too messy to transport.

Breakfast: Cereal, toast or any left over abelskivers
We will be attending a show that night, so I will be making a late lunch early dinner.
Lunch/Dinner: Chipotle Taco Salad – I like to make something totally different from a traditional thanksgiving dinner the night before (also something a little light!) I will be substituting turkey taco meat for the roast chicken cooking extra to prep a freezer meal tomorrow.

French Toast, turkey sausage
Freezer Meal: Crockpot Taco Soup