This was a very interesting week! I was really stressed out last weekend and didn’t menu plan. So needless to say there was a bit much of the eating out this week! I was a little nervous when I went to weigh in this morning, but I was down 6.2lbs! I think even though I ate out and didn’t do it absolutely perfectly, I ate a little more normally. The first few days I was snacking, a lot . .. this is my typical response to beginning a new eating plan. I go through what I call mental deprivation. I am not hungry, but mentally I know I am trying to make different choices, so I get frantically hungry! I know it sounds crazy, but it is just how I react. So I guess in a way it was good that I got totally stressed out and ended up eating out. I knew I couldn’t snack because the take-out always has more calories than home meals. And I was really busy all week, so I just didn’t have time to obsess or feel deprived.

But next week I am anxious to get back on track! So I already have a menu together and have done my shopping! I am really going to try and take this whole week one choice and decision at a time. I think this will keep me focused on the here and now and not worry about what is going to happen a month from now. I have made a total commitment to myself to just keep going. I am not going to stress if I make a bad decision and eat french fries or have ice cream. I am just going to go on to the next decision and no matter what I am going to go to my meetings and step on the scale. I am too good at ignoring my weight, so I am taking it one day, one decision and one meeting at a time and I am just going to keep going no matter what happens!

Tomorrow will be tough though! My niece’s birthday party is in the afternoon, and I have almost finished her three tier Tinkerbell cake…plus I am sure there will be lots of wonderful food. I am just going to take it easy and frankly after working on her cake for 2 -3 days, I really won’t miss having a piece. I know I can have a piece, but I don’t feel like blowing all of my extra points on a piece of cake. If I have time I am going to make some carrot cake cupcakes that are in one of my new WW cookbooks I bought at the meeting today. . . 4 points versus 15-20 seems like a good trade off to me!! If I like it I will post the recipe 🙂

Go A team!!!