Last week was not a good week! I started out with a great plan, but the week did not go according to plan. I ended up with several lunch and evening work commitments, leaving most of my menu uncooked and having to make tough restaurant choices to try and stay on plan. I did OK, not fabulous. I learned a lot though! I was trying not to negative self talk, and told myself after eating out that I would just get back to it tomorrow/next meal. This is good, however when the next day came around and I still was eating out and not really following the plan as closely as I should have and still telling myself next time . . . I realized that at some point you have to change your behavior! So I give myself a thumbs up for not talking my self down, but thumbs down for not changing the behaviors. The good news is when I stepped on the scale I was down 2.4!

I don’t think it was just my food choices that got neglected last week!

So my plan for this week is to be prepared! Make sure I am fixing my own food to stay on track, it will taste better and cut back on all the extra fat and sodium that I definitely don’t need. I am going to have another crazy busy work week (less eating out though!!). Being prepared will definitely help me be successful. You will notice I have some repeats this week, got to use up last weeks ingredients!!! LOL

Also, I am off to purchase some tennis shoes today. This may sound obvious, but it is very easy to not exercise when you don’t own a pair of appropriate shoes! 🙂 So this week I am working on incorporating some exercise and also going to try and get some more water in me, I am definitely not drinking enough!

Week #3 Menu
Sunday: Blueberry Scones, Breakfast Burrito, Jambalaya, Salad
Monday: Leftover Apple Waffles, Leftover Jambalaya, Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Snap Peas
Tuesday: Oatmeal/Cereal and Fruit, Aromatic Noodles, Slow Cooker Pork Tacos
Wednesday: WW Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce and Canadian bacon, Leftover Taco (as a salad), Leftovers
Thursday: Leftover pancakes, Lunch Out, Meatballs and Spaghetti
Friday: Oatmeal/Cereal and Fruit, Leftover Meatballs, Pizza and salad