Menu Plan Monday

So the last two weeks have been fairly chaotic. Between major work deadlines, a broken toilet and the capper was a nasty cold over the weekend!

The good news is I am beginning to understand how this whole weight watchers lifestyle should work. I am starting to figure out how to put a plate, meal and hopefully a whole day together to make a satisfying plan that covers my bases nutritionally. The big thing is incorporating more vegetables, making them at least half of my lunch and dinner. I made a big batch of the famous zero point soup and have been using that for snacks as well as adding it to a meal as need be. I know this seems pretty basic and simple, but I don’t think I really understood it until last week.

Also, I am having trouble with Friday nights! I weigh-in on Saturday mornings and I also almost always go out and having a couple of cocktails Friday night. I think this is definitely weighing me down. I was up a couple of pounds between Friday morning and Saturday morning. And even though I am counting the points, I think it is doing me harm on Saturday morning. I think I am going to skip my Friday cocktail and see if makes a big difference this week!

Menu 2/6 – 2/13

Monday: Macaroni & Four Cheese, salad
Tuesday: Pork Chops with Mushroom Sauce, Mashers, Garlic Broccoli (inspired by Roni’s)
Wednesday: Southwestern Turkey Burgers, Oven Onion and Zucchini Rings, Veggies and FF Dip
Thursday: Spaghetti, Meatballs, Asparagus (a freezer meal . . . yeah!)
Friday: ??? probably dinner out (hold me, I’m scared!)
Saturday Breakfast: Stuffed Strawberry French Toast

I made the Macaroni & Four Cheese tonight. I was a little unsure about this recipe with the squash in it. I only used one package of the frozen squash and it worked out fine. I also upped the cayenne (of course!) and added some dried thyme and basil to the crumb topping. It was excellent. I definitely tasted the squash, which made it less cheesy but still really good. I also used lowfat cheese which I think next time I would add a little real sharp cheddar to up the cheese taste. But it was great comfort food, which after being sick this weekend really tasted good. And my non-mac and cheese eating boy really liked it!!!