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This week started off normal, but by mid-week it began to fall apart. My boy disintegrated into the stomach flu Tuesday night. I began to feel the effects on Wednesday and by Thursday night I was begging for mercy from the creature that had invaded my body! It was bad!! Over the course of two days I consumed 8 graham crackers, 12 pretzel slims and some mineral water. By Friday night I felt a little better and had some mashed potatoes. Needless to say my 6lb weight loss this week is about double my norm. Which is fine, but means I am going to have to work hard this week to simply maintain that loss. Over the last 8 weeks I have averaged just over 2lbs per week, so I am about a week and half ahead of where I would be normally.

I am still not quite 100% so my menu this week is more of an outline with some simple stuff thrown in, I am just not in the mood for anything adventurous!

Menu 3/2 – 3/6

Monday: Southwestern Turkey Burgers, sweet potato fries (didn’t get to this last week)
Tuesday: Skillet Lasagna (I will post later in the week the results, winging this one!), Salad
Wednesday: Tacos, Taco Salad or something in this neighborhood!
Thursday: Pork Chops, Smashed Potatoes, Artichokes
Friday: Pizza

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The funny story of last week was Friday night. After not feeling well, and definitely not feeling like cooking I took myself and the boy out to Marie Callendars. The only thing that sound good to me was mashed potatoes, and my son is always up for a burger! He ordered his usual burger that he has had a bunch there, but when he ate it he decided it didn’t taste “right”. After the week we had, I thought oh my god we got some bad meat! All I need is another 24 hours of vomit city!! So as the mom, I took a small bite of the meat, and it tasted like a normal greasy burger nothing off at all. I told him that I think maybe his tastes have changed. He is now used to a lighter turkey burger that has less fat and gets it flavor from added veggies and seasonings. He agreed, he would have rather eaten at home or had pizza! Progress my friends, progress!!!

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