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After all of the Kraft Foods online coupons last week (what you didn’t get yours? . . . click here! or register and print here) there are some great sales at all three major grocery stores this weekend! Don’t pay anything for BBQ sauce, salad dressing and lots of crackers for under a buck!

Here is my must buy list!
Ground Turkey 2 for $6 (this beats the costco price!)
$.99/lb bone-in chicken breasts, thighs or drumsticks
$4.67/lb Rib-eye or NY Strip steaks (seems pricey, but this is my price point for steak as it is over half off at this price)
Life Cereal $1.99 (using recent printable $1 off coupon or ones from inside oatmeal box!) = $.99
Ritz/Wheat Thins Crackers or Toasted Chips $1.88 ($1 of coupon see above) = $.88
Duracell battery super coupon for $2 off stack with $.50 from 5/17 SS
Colgate Toothpaste super coupon $1.99 stack with $1 off from 5/10 SS
Mangoes $.77
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs 2 for $1.98 with Super Coupon use $1.00 off 2 printable
Bar S Franks $.99 use $1 off 2 from 5/10 RP
Best Foods Mayo $1.99 with Super Coupon
Kraft Singles .99 with super coupon in Sunday insert ad, use $1 off 2 printable

Nob Hill
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.77 per pound (a decent price and I am out!)
Nabisco Crackers $1.69 use $1 off from printable coupons = $.69
Cool Whip $.99 use $1 off 2 printable
A1 Sauce $2.99 use $1 off printable = $1.99
Kraft Salad Dressing 3 for $5 buy any 4 kraft products get a FREE Bull’s BBQ Sauce, use $1.50 from 5/10 SS
McCormick Marinade Packet $.79 use $.50 off 5/10 SS
Weber Marinade Mix $.69 use $.50 off 5/10 SS

Sargento Cheese $1.79 Friday, Sat, Sun only
Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce 2 for $3 use $1 off 2 coupon
Kraft BBQ Super Coupon $.79 limit 2 use $1 off printable = Free plus $.21 overage
Planter’s Peanuts $1.99 use $1 off printable coupon

The great thing about having all the stores with great deals is they shouldn’t run out. Also if you are looking for chips, sodas, etc there are great deals . . . I am just overstocked at the moment and there isn’t anything I can’t pass up! Plus I am trying to avoid the unhealthy . . .although I promised my DS that this weekend we could do some hot dogs, I am hoping some of the turkey dogs are on special! Pretty much by this weekend I won’t need to buy salad dressing or bbq sauce till next summer!

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