So after being sick early in the week last week and my boy out most of last week . . . Saturday I decided to develop the bronchial part of the virus! I managed to tough it out and thought I would be ok to go to Wicked on Sunday. I woke up on Sunday feeling worse . . . but was not about to miss it after waiting 4 months and wasting my very expensive, very wonderful birthday with my sis! So I drugged up and went. I ended up ok, except about half way through our fabulous brunch I started sweating and sweating. The sweat just kept pouring out of me. I didn’t feel feverish or anything, just sweaty! We walked around until the show started, it was an absolutely beautiful day in SF and the breeze felt good.

The sweat continued to pour off of me until about the time we got seated in the theater. Then it seemed to stop and by intermission I was feeling much better and dryer. It was the weirdest thing!!! The show was absolutely fabulous and worth the wait, the cost and sitting through it while sick! My cough got much worse last night, so I am home today with no voice trying to recover. I don’t think I will get around to a menu post today . .. my freezer is stocked with the Smart Ones that were on sale at Target this week and I have a pretty full pantry . .. so I am just going to wing it!

I hope you are having a successful week, menu and are in good health!